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Update Log

2012.11.17 - release version 0.7
Story Mode Episode 7
Story Script: Correct some typos and grammatical errors of some old scripts.)
Story Script: Added more languages
Create Premium account
New Characters: 'Eason', 'Legge', 'Vivian', 'Livermore'
New skin of swordsman: 'Sherwood', 'Chris'
New skin of Giggs and Titto: as soldier characters in Episode 7
Unlock Characters for Premium account: 'Leo', 'Iczzy', 'Heater', 'Raye', 'Eason', 'Eason swordsman', 'Livermore'
Unlock Characters for Normal account: 'Vivian', 'Legge'
Tuning: Change Level Cap from 14 to 16
Optimization: Improve the performance of user interface of Main Menu and Game mode menus.
Battle mode new rule: Team Attack/Defend +10% at each 50 kills (max +50%)
Battle mode new rule: Hero Character Life +1 and 100% HP/MP recovered at each 50 kills (max 5 times)
Battle mode new rule: Owned facilities durability +100% (max 300%) when destroy a team

2012.01.21 - release version 0.65
Battle mode: battle mode AI, interface, castle/camp/gold mine, maps, hiring mechanism.

2011.10.27 - release version 0.6
Story Mode Episode 6
Story Script: Partially rewrite story script 5 (Thanks William Piper) and fix some typos and grammatical errors of all stories. (Thanks William Piper, Travis Moton, Leo Gautama, MH-Razen)
New Characters: 'Raye', 'Heater' (as Bosses in Episode 6, will be open to choose in future release)
New Character(without moves): 'Super Lucas'
Unlock Characters: 'Sinan', 'Titto', 'Giggs'
New Soldier Characters: 'Ice Guard', 'Hell Ghost'
Difficulty: Crazy mode added
Tuning: Change Level Cap from 12 to 14
Action Time Tuning: Adjust the action/moves/hurt time of all characters. Most of them are shortened.
Tuning: Hit Stun deterioration (damage and stun will be reduced in high combos, prevent sudden kill in seconds)
Tuning: Adjust somersault distance. Shorten the gap between fast and slow characters.
Tuning: Lower dash height, dash attack is now more useful for close enemies.
Tuning: Adjust most of the sky special moves, so that they won't be interrupted by landing.
Tuning: Undo the 'Dash then turn backward & attack' tuning in v0.5a
Tuning: Attack/Blast becomes less permeable to items(e.g. Crate, Wood, Ice) and dinosaurs
Tuning: Taylor can at most have 3 shields (instead of unlimited shields). (Trying the create the 4th will result in extend the life time of the existing 3 shields)
Tuning: Sinan's magic circle can only attack a limited number of people (instead of unlimited)
Tuning: Prevents the unlimited freezing combos by Iczzy.
Tuning: In VS mode, lower the shrinking speed of Background a little bit
Tuning: In VS mode setting, allow to prohibit dinosaurs
Anti-Hack: Suspension of cheating accounts
Improvement: Auto save login email
Optimization: Improve rendering performance, Save disk space, memory and shorten loading time by:
- Redesign the format of character data.
- Lower the resolution of background.
- Lower the resolution of some character parts
- Fewer anti-alias when rendering
Fix Bug: Fix a few "Skip Input Key" bugs (such as pressing 3 keys at the same time to perform a special moves isn't work in the past)
Fix Bug: Sinan's bat can still gain HP for her after she is death.
Fix Bug: Press right, (wait 30 seconds), right, (wait 30 seconds), J will perform dash

2011.08.13 - release version 0.5a
Fix Bug: Fix the 'able to select unlock characters' bug
Fix Bug: Fix the Grabbing bug that you can grab a hero who is just guard broken and dashing/running to you.
Tuning: In VS mode, Taylor's clone's MP won't be recovered. (However, Taylor can fully recharge his clone's MP by performing 'shadow clone' move when having 2 existing clones)
Tuning: In VS mode, Background's length shrinks gradually until it is 1.5 screens long
Control Tuning: Fix the following 'Skip input keys' bugs:
- When standing, Pressing (Back + Jump) at the same time results in jumping forward
- Pressing (Jump + Attack) at the same time won't perform jump attack
- Pressing Guard Forward Jump when lying results in performing 'Back Spring'
- When running, Pressing (Back + Jump) at the same time results in 'Braking' instead of 'Jump then turn backward'
- When running, Pressing (Jump + Attack) at the same time results in 'Dash' or 'Attack' instead of 'Dash Attack'
Control Tuning: Now, you can perform attack while braking (from running)
Control Tuning: Stamina (the white bar) recovers faster.
Control Tuning: Stamina costs more for higher speed characters.
Control Tuning: When performing 'Dash then turn backward & attack', the velocity will be lowered.

2011.08.10 - release version 0.5
Story Script Re-written: Thanks William Piper for rewriting story script 1~4. Truly appreciate his time and effort!!!
Optimization: Reduce the repeatedly allocating/freeing memory overhead during gameplay.
Optimization: Improve rendering performance again.
Story Mode Episode 5
New Characters: 'Leo', 'Sinan' (as Bosses in Episode 5, will be open to choose in future release)
Unlock Character: 'Taylor'
New Soldier Characters: 'Swordsman', 'Sorcerer'
New Ridee: 'Monster' (many people call it dinosaur)
Tuning: Change Level Cap from 10 to 12
Tuning: Easier to unlock Jason (finish stage 4 in 'Any Difficulty' instead of 'Normal or above')
Tuning: Experience gained more at level 3~9 (rougly).
Tuning: In Story mode, improve "gameplay feeling" and lower difficulty by:
- Make all the non-boss enemies able to be attacked when lying.
- Increase the invincible time of player when getting up from lying (in Easy/Normal mode).
- when hp<30% reduce injury (Difficult 30%, Normal: 40%, Easy: 50%).
- Hero characters won't stun when performing attack and at the same time, being 'light attacked' (Difficult: 1 hit, Normal: 2 hits, Easy: until falling) by a soldier.
- Network Mode Improvement: Removing "Room increase client latency when laggy", so to reduce the problem that an occasional delay ruins the quality of the whole game.

2011.07.08 - release version 0.4b
New Feature: Player can lower the resolution so to reduce memory usage and CPU burden.
Optimization: Improve rendering performance, Reduce memory usage by about 20%~30%.
Fix Bug: The bug of Drew, which allows him to grab unlimited times, is fixed.
Tuning: Even you quit in the middle of a game, you can still get the experience gained so far.
Tuning: Many Lucas fans complained that the 'control feeling' of Lucas is better before remodeling (v0.2.2). I've tried to fine tuned Lucas again and hope they will be satisfied.
Tuning: Increase the attack of Gordon by 20~30%.
Tuning: Hero won't be blocked, collided with his/her soldiers in the same team.
Tuning: Jason's Boomerang Throwing costs more mp (225 -> 275). (When boomerang returns, recover mp 200 instead of 225)
Tuning: Jason's Daggers Throwing costs more mp (10 -> 15 each dagger).

2011.07.01 - release version 0.4a
Optimization: Rewrite part of the core program. Improve rendering performance (removing whole screen skip frame, this can reduce "vicious lag circle" in slow computer).
Fix Bug: Fix a memory leakage bug
Fix Bug: The immediate dash after 'Back Spring' for some remake characters are gone in version 0.3. It is fixed now.
New Feature: Add a 'Normalize Level' option in VS mode
Tuning: Make Stage mode a bit easier by doing the following:
-Lower the enemies level by 1 in stage 2~4
-Shorten the 'invincible time after getting up' of stage mode enemies
-Increase the player character's MP and MP recovery rate
-At the end of each phrase, if there are any remaining items for follower's HP/Life. They will be got automatically
-Unlock characters will have initial level at 2~4

2011.06.27 - release version 0.4
New Characters: 'Taylor', 'Jason'
Unlock Character: 'Jason'
New Soldier Characters: 'Sinkleman'
Story Mode Episode 4
Account Registration
Level up mechanism
Added 'Character List' at title screen

2011.05.02 - release version 0.3
New Characters: 'Iczzy', 'Titto' and 'Giggs'
New Soldier Characters: 'Villager', 'Woman', 'Bandit', 'Daggerman' and 'Wrestler'
New Characters (without moves): 'Leo', 'Yaga' and 'Taylor'
New Feature: Soldier Commands
Story Mode created with 3 Episodes
Tuning: Remodel 'Lucas' and 'Shawn'

2010.03.08 - release version 0.2.2
Battle Mode: new soldier character 'Archer' and 'Cavalry'
Tuning: Soldier's 'following leader AI' is improved
Tuning: Soldier deduct hero's HP a little bit more
Tuning: Hero dizzy for shorter time if it is caused by a soldier hit
Tuning: When Hero is attacking, his/her action will not be interrupted by a soldier's normal attack (unless Hero becomes dizzy)
Tuning: When Hero is attacking, he/she is harder to be knocked down by soldier's attacks
Tuning: When a Hero's attack collides with a soldier attack, Hero won't be guard broken.
Tuning: Grab can be done by walking UP or DOWN now (not only RIGHT, LEFT)
Tuning: Drew can grab a soldier by walking to him even the soldier is not dizzy.
Tuning: Drew's 'Whirlwind Swing' can be performed in the middle of 'Grapple Run'.
Tuning: During Drew's 'Whirlwind Swing', grapped opponent is invincible to attack. (so that he won't get hit and drop).
Tuning: Drew's 'Whirlwind Swing' deduct 20 MP for each swing.
Tuning: Drew's on ground 'Whirlwind Swing' loops 3 times (instead of 5 times). (on horse 'Whirlwind Swing' remains the same)
Tuning: Drew's on ground 'Whirlwind Swing' moves slower.
Tuning: Drew's 'Hurricane Spin' can be performed in the middle of 'Whirlwind Swing'
Tuning: Increase Jenny's HP for 10%
Tuning: Lucas's 'Air Blade' - More permeable to multiple opponents
Tuning: Can get on a horse during 'Sky Roll'

2010.02.10 - release version 0.2.1
Battle Mode: new soldier character 'Infantry', soldier AI and reserved mechanism
Feature: Game Summary when a fight is over
Network Mode: Latency limit of room server (prevent player with huge latency from joining)
Tuning: Shawn's Spread Shot mp 12% -> 18%
Tuning: Drew's Mach Punch mp 40% -> 50%
Tuning: Drew's Shoulder Charge - Weaken
Tuning: Jenny's Energy Drill - More permeable to multiple opponents
Tuning: Gordon's Crush Strike mp 50% -> 55%

2010.01.15 - release version 0.2.0e
Network Mode Improvement: Rewrite the core of Room server. Reduce the lag spikes problem (slow/choppy gameplay), bandwidth usage.
Network Mode Improvement: Adding 'count down' for Alert box, pause, key setting menu. Reduce the "Everybody waiting for one player" problem.
Tuning: HP recovers only when it is less than 25%.
Tuning: Adjust the camera movement, makes it follows the character more quickly when character moving.
Fix Bug: In character menu, typing in the chat box is interruped when others adding/removing characters

2009.12.14 - release version 0.2.0d
Network Mode Improvement: Room server adjust clients' latency on demand when it detects the game becomes laggy. (reduce laggy problem)
Network Mode Improvement: Client who leads from the front will run slower and let laggy client to catch up easier (this apparently reduce the laggy problem)
Network Mode Improvement: Allow unicode characters for room name/description
Network Mode Improvement: Show joined players in room list
Network Mode Improvement: Show player latency and country in room server
Network Mode Improvement: Create the "Roommate icon" at the upper right corner of the game. Using this, player can see the connected computer list with their latency, country and player names.

2009.12.03 - release version 0.2.0c
Network Mode Improvement: Room server urges the client who lags behind to run faster. (reduce laggy problem)
Network Mode Improvement: Room server detects periodically if it hangs and will try to recover itself.

2009.12.01 - release version 0.2.0b
Network Mode Improvement: Inject more latency to reduce laggy problem.

2009.11.29 - release version 0.2.0
Network feature: create "Network mode", "Room server" and a "Official Room List"
Code Optimization: Rewrite part of the core program. Improve rendering performance by ~30%.
Feature: Mini map and Man counter at bottom right corner
Feature: Allow naming of players at Key Setting Page. (click on 'Player 1' then type the new name.)
Tuning: Shorten a little bit the stun time of ALL attacks.
Tuning: Shorten the start and landing of all jumping actions
Tuning: Not allow to perform 'Break Fall' within 0.3 seconds after knocked down
Tuning: Not allow to perform 'Break Fall' when being thrown
Tuning: 'Running Guard' and 'Walking Guard' has longer stun time and easier to break
Tuning: Lucas's normal attacks - Faster
Tuning: Lucas's Air Blade - Faster and farther
Tuning: Lucas's Uppercut - has Guard ability when move starts
Tuning: Drew's normal attacks - Faster
Tuning: Drew's Shoulder Charge - Faster
Tuning: Drew's Mach Punch - Faster and farther
Tuning: Drew's Whirlwind - Faster
Tuning: Drew's Grapple Run mp 30% -> 25%
Tuning: You get hurt when caught by Drew and he is using you to attack others by Whirlwind Swing
Tuning: Shawn's Arrow attacks - Faster and farther
Tuning: Shawn's Arrow has larger guard breaking ability (same as normal attack now)
Tuning: Jenny's Whirlwind Shield - Weaken when blocking against human attacks
Tuning: Gordon's Crush Strike mp 60% -> 50%, has Guard ability when move starts and won't rebound when block again human attacks.

2009.10.02 - release version 0.1.5
Character: new character 'Gordon'
Tuning: weaken the special moves of 'Jenny'

2009.09.17 - release version 0.1.4
Character: new character 'Jenny'
Tuning: Allow turn face between normal attacks
Tuning: In character choosing menu, much less chance to have duplicate random character
Tuning: Easy AI can perform 'Roll' and 'Somersault' when being hurt (they didn't in v0.1.3)

2009.08.27~09.12 - Progress slow down because of some personal matter

2009.08.25 - release downloadable version.

2009.08.19 - release version 0.1.3
Background: new background 'San Po Cliff'
Feature: Allow player to turn off background 'Multi-plane'
Feature: Allow player to 'Skip frame' of effect/shadow/non-interactive objects
Feature: Can ride on the horse by running to it or press up+up, down+down to approach the horse
Feature: Position indicator (help player find his/her character when too crowded)
Tuning: Dead body disappears after a few seconds (saves CPU)
Tuning: Stamina is consumed faster when running with giant object (different char with different rate)
Tuning: Horse will run away when rider get knocked down for 3 times
Tuning: Stamina recharges faster when lying
Tuning: Sky Roll consumes more stamina
Tuning: In Normal and Hard difficulty, character invincible for 0.5s when get up from lying
Tuning: Decrease the z velocity of dashing (Run+J) of all characters
Tuning: Allow turn face when dashing
Tuning: Shorten the time of dizzy
Tuning: Lucas's Uppercut - Decrease the attack area
Tuning: Lucas's Air Blade mp 24% -> 18%
Tuning: Drew's Shoulder Charge - Decrease the attack area
Tuning: Drew's Mach Punch - Increase the preparation time
Tuning: Drew's Whirlwind - has Guard ability during the move
Tuning: Shawn has less HP (80% of Drew and Lucas)
Tuning: Shawn's Dash - Increase height
Tuning: Shawn's Phoenix Shot mp 35% -> 50%, and deduct more HP of victim
Tuning: Shawn's Arrow rain - mp 30% -> 35%, slower and more scattered by computer player
AI: implement Giant object related AI
AI: implement Horse related AI for melee and ranged character
AI: perform more dash attack
AI: better defence to dash attack
AI: ranged character moves away when getting too close to melee opponent
AI: melee character avoids walking on the same line with ranged opponent when not close enough
Fix Bug: When standing on a giant object which is being held, fall to the ground if holder runs.
Fix Bug: Shawn rises to the sky, out of the screen, and never reaches the ground again.
Fix Bug: If char died when being caught, he can still make one attack before falling to the ground.
Fix Bug: Press Shirt-R to restart game when game-end results in lower volume of bgm

2009.08.04 - release version 0.1.2
Feature: Remake the confirm menu (used during 'Quit game' and 'End game')
Tuning: Adjust height and time of 'Dash'
Tuning: When 'Jump', cannot move along x,z direction when rising, allow character to look back
while jumping to front
Tuning: Increase the recover speed of stamina (the white bar)
Tuning: Shawn's 'Arrow Rain' becomes easier to control
Tuning: Shawn's 'Spread Shot' costs less mp (15% -> 12%)
Tuning: Shawn's 'Phoenix Shot' costs less mp (40% -> 35%)
Tuning: Lucas's normal attacks has less blocking time to arrows/blasts.
Tuning: Drew's 'Hurricane Spin' costs more mp (30% -> 35%)
Tuning: Drew's 'Shoulder Charge' & 'Grapple Run' cost more mp (20% -> 30%)
Tuning: Horse turns facing direction faster.
Fix Bug: 'Horse continue to run and stop when rider performing 'stop running' and get knocked off'

2009.08.03 - release version 0.1.1
Include the HeroFighter Facebook group link in 'Few words from author' page
Feature: make "pixel smoothing" and "auto zoom" checkboxes in 'Game Setting Menu'
Fix Bug: change the preloader, not blank black screen anymore when loading
Fix Bug: No 'Collision repel' during dash attack (as requested by fans)
Fix Bug: the shortcut 'Ctrl-R' is already used by Internet Explorer,
so for all shortcuts, change 'Ctrl' into 'Shift'
Fix Bug: 'Pause then quit then start game again will result in black screen'

2009.07.31 - release version 0.1

by Marti Wong, All rights reserved.